Slacker and Steve - Biggest Fight, Littlest Thing (Audio)

August 1, 2017

Photo: Fizkes |

People can really take ANYTHING too seriously, huh? A 31-year-old guy named Elija Creech from St. Cloud, Minnesota was playing "Magic:  The Gathering" with a 20-year-old friend of his on Friday. If you don't know "Magic", it's a very popular strategy card game. Well . . . their "Magic" battles got heated, and at some point, just fighting with imaginary mythological weapons and spells wasn't enough for Elija. So he whacked his friend on the head with a rubber mallet . . . and then STABBED him seven times. The guy was rushed to the hospital but fortunately, the stab wounds don't look like they're going to be fatal. Elija was arrested and charged with first- and second-degree assault. 


Whats the biggest fight you got into over the littlest thing?