Slacker and Steve - Bizarre Bumper to Bumper (Audio)

August 16, 2016

Photo: Brento |

If you live in a city you know how awful sitting in bumper to bumper traffic can be, but today we want to talk about the bizarre reasons why you were stuck in a traffic jam! It's mating season in Tampa and all of the drivers are now well aware. Traffic came to a standstill all because of some manatees that were ready to mate. Drivers noticed splashing in water next to the Courtney Campbell Causeway, which motivated them to leave their vehicles to see what was going on. A herd of seven male manatees were competing for the chance to have relations with the one female manatee that was nearby. When the female manatee selects her suitor she will let the male manatee lead her to shallow water to start their love-making. This mating ritual is a very rare fight and is reason as to why so many drivers pulled over to watch, although they caused a heavy traffic jam.  


What was the bizarre reason why you sat in bumper to bumper traffic?