Slacker and Steve - Blaze of Glory (Audio)

May 10, 2016

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Quitting a job you hate, or even getting fired from one, can be a huge relief, even if you held the job for a week, a month, or years. However, sometimes the relief can come with vengeance and the motivation to go out in a blaze of glory! An Arkansas man did just that! The man was just notified that he was fired from his KFC job and as he was walking out, he decided that he needed a bucket of chicken to soften the blow. Oh yeah, he wanted that chicken for free! He and his 36-piece bucket of chicken ran out of the establishment in a flurry. The cops were called and unfortunately for him, the former KFC employee was spotted quickly and easily because he still had his work uniform on. At least his time in the cell will be dramatically less than this next employee. A video has gone viral after an airport worker completely destroyed a plane after being fired. The employee rammed his digger multiple times into the body of the plane! The employee certainly left his job with a bang! 


Whether you quit or got fired, have you ever left your job in a blaze of glory? 

Slacker and Steve - Blaze of Glory 5/10

An Arkansas man found out he just lost his job at KFC, so he decided he needed a bucket of chicken to go (for free), to soften the blow.  It's safe to say it was easy for cops to find him, given he was still in his uniform!  Have you ever quit or gotten fired from a job and decided that you needed to go out with a bang?