Slacker and Steve - Blaze of Glory (Audio)

August 26, 2016

Photo: Kiosea39 |

A former Comcast employee has been arrested after allegedly pointing a gun at his boss and taking off with a company vehicle. Deputies with the Richmond County Sheriff's Office in Georgia responded to a Comcast service center for a reported incident involving an employee, 58-year-old George Stevie Hillard, brandishing a handgun. A witness told deputies Hillard contacted his supervisor to tell him his supervisor that he "felt overworked and wanted to quit." Hillard's supervisor says he advised him to reconsider because Hillard had worked for the company for seventeen years. Hillard reportedly turned in his credentials and was asked if he had someone to pick him up, as he could not take his work vehicle home. Hillard allegedly said, "Watch me. I'm taking the truck." and left the building with the supervisor and another witness following. The supervisor alleges that as he approached Hillard from behind in the parking lot, Hillary pointed a semi-automatic handgun at his face and told him, "Get back (expletive). (Expletive) get back." The supervisor says he turned and ran inside, pushing the other witness inside as well, and pulled the building's fire alarm. Hillard reportedly left in the company truck. The truck's GPS tracking system placed the vehicle at Hillard's home. The Edgefield County Sheriff's Office was dispatched to recover the truck and detain Hillard.


Have you ever quit a job in an epic way?