Slacker and Steve - Bored (Audio)

June 1, 2016

Photo: Mamahoohooba |

We all know the feeling; watching the clock tick by and each minute feels like a lifetime. Boredom, it’s the worst and sometimes you have to save yourself and create an awesome plan to bring back the excitement in your day.  If you’re bored and looking for a solution, don’t do what these three boys in Indiana did. The teenage boys stole a couple of bulldozers and took them on a joyride… Oh yeah, they also had a little competition to see who could cause the most damage. 50,000-dollars later along with knocked over tractor-trailers and a house’s roof missing, the three teenagers are regretting their boredom decision. They are all now facing felony charges! If you didn’t think that was a good solution, maybe you could try doing what this man did. Carlos Wood, from England, thought that super-gluing his ears shut might be fun! He grabbed the extra super strong adhesive and started squeezing. He successfully glued his ears shut along with his fingers attached to his ear lobes. The man eventually had to take a trip to the hospital to un-glue his ears. 


What is the craziest thing you have done to cure your boredom?