Slacker and Steve - Bought...But Got (Audio)

June 8, 2016

Photo: Zastavkin |

Sometimes you buy something and it comes with an unexpected surprise addition with the purchase. A North Carolina woman decided to wander around her neighbor’s yard sale to see if she could snag any deals, she didn’t realize she would leave with a 30-dollar freezer as well as something more than she bargained for. Inside her bargain deal of a freezer was the dead body of the neighbor’s mother as well as a note that instructed the buyer to not open the freezer for a few days because a local church was using it for a time capsule and they would be buy in a couple of days to pick up the items. The buyer plugged the freezer in and forgot about it for three weeks. Once she finally opened her freezer she was horrified to find the body. The autopsy revealed the dead woman died of natural causes however, the woman who sold the freezer has been charged for her actions. 


What did you buy and found something unexpected with your purchase?