Slacker and Steve - Brawls (Audio)

August 15, 2016

Photo: Scott Griessel |

People can't agree on everything and sometimes the only option to solve the situation is to brawl it out! On a warm day in Colorado, two men were on Fossil Trace Golf Course, woking not only on their golf game, but also practicing some boxing moves on each other and it was all caught on tape. In the video, to men can be seen shouting at each other and not long after punches were being thrown. The reasoning for the brawl was because, the foursome was golfing too slowly for the golfers that were behind them. After a few punches were landed the men and the scuffle came to an end handshakes were dealt between the golfers. The brawl may have ended in some bruises, but fortunately, the men didn't choose their golf clubs as their fighting weapons! 

What happened when you got into an epic brawl?