Slacker and Steve - Breaking the Law (Audio)

July 24, 2017

Photo: Varaporn Chaisin |

On a radio show, JADA PINKETT SMITH was asked about her history with TUPAC SHAKUR. They were very close friends dating back to their high school days...but he once claimed that they'd hooked up. Jada has always insisted that their relationship was more of a brother-sister thing. Well, yesterday she admitted that she's never really told the WHOLE story.  She said that when she first met Tupac she was a DRUG DEALER!!! She didn't give many details, because she's going to write a book about it, but she said, quote, "That's how we started. As I was coming out of 'the life,' something very bad happened to me. As I was coming out...he was going more INTO 'the life.' There was a point [in the middle] where we met...Pac and my relationship was about survival. That's how it started. Most people want to connect it in this romance thing, but that's because they don't have the story...there are a lot of components of our story that we've never shared."


What have you done to break the law?