Slacker and Steve - Busted (Audio)

January 20, 2017

Photo: Simona Jasineviciene |

Caught red handed! A thief in Vermont was caught in a very bizarre fashion. Gail Dougherty came home to discover that someone had thrown a paper coffee cup in her trash can, rather than in the recycling bin. As she picked up the coffee cup to throw it into its proper bin she noticed a note that certainly raised her brow. The note said, "This is a robbery, give me the money quietly and no one will get hurt." Immediately, she was concerned and went straight inside to check all of her belongings. Dougherty quickly noticed that her cash and jewelry was missing. She called the police and after questioning she came to the conclusion that her housekeeper and her housekeeper’s boyfriend, Adam Kniffin were the last to be present in her house. The cops tracked down Kniffin, who was also connected to a robbery at a nearby bank. Kniffin explained that the coffee cup was his practice for the real thing. He was arrested and charged with theft. 


What happened when you were busted?