Slacker and Steve - Busted a Cheater (Audio)

September 6, 2016

Photo: Syda Productions |

Shows like Cheaters and Maury expose the infidelity in relationships, but sometimes you can catch a cheater with just a little bit of detective work and a drone. A California law expert reveals that more people are using drones to catch their cheating partners in the act. He says the only downside to using a drone to catch a spouse is that they are loud and have limited range. Many found out about their cheating spouse after Ashley Madison, a popular site used for married people who want to cheat, was hacked. 35-million accounts were leaked. However, some discovered the truth about their spouse’s infidelity before the hack. A man in Idaho says he found out after his wife’s accounts accidentally networked to his phone. He received emails and texts regarding his wife’s extra marital affairs with six other men. He even was sent a video of his wife having relations. Shortly after, he divorced his wife. 


What happened when you busted a cheater?