Slacker and Steve - Cat-astrophes (Audio)

November 2, 2016

Photo: Halil I. Inci |

Cats seem to live in their own little world most of the time. While most people agree they make great pets, sometimes they can be just a little bit crazy. Whether it’s scratching up furniture in your house, or bringing you small animals as gifts, they can seem a little odd sometimes. A firefighter in New Zealand found this out the hard way when he was trying to rescue a cat stuck in a tree. When the firefighter made a move to grab the feline, the cat bolted, causing both him and the firefighter to fall. The firefighter was knocked unconscious and had to be rushed to the hospital, where he made a quick recovery. The cat in question, a pedigree Abyssinian, remains at large.


What’s your craziest cat-astrophe story?