Slacker and Steve - Cheater (Audio)

June 26, 2017

Photo: Ilka-erika Szasz-fabian |

Students are caught cheating every day in school systems, but this law undergrad took cheating to a whole new level.


A student was caught cheating on university exam by sneaking in notes written with invisible ink, an official report reveals. The report, by the Office of the Independent Adjudicator, shared that one law undergraduate student was able to sneak notes into the exam via a ‘statute book’. The book was allowed to be used during exam time, but students did have to show instructor at the door that the book contained no extra notes. However, the guilty undergrad was able to use an invisible ink pen to make 24 pages of notes before exam time and use a tiny ultraviolet (UV) light to read them during the exam when the professor wasn’t looking. Report stated: ‘She had annotated a law statute book with invisible UV ink, creating 24 pages of unauthorized notes which she took into her examination’, ‘She was seen using the notes by other students and the instructor, who retained the statute book as evidence’. The university then chose to fail the student in all of her modules as punishment...a punishment that she unsuccessfully tried to appeal.


How did you cheat your way through something?