Slacker and Steve - Claim to Fame (Audio)

December 7, 2016

Photo: Konstantin Yuganov |

The Guinness Book of World Records' pages are full of people who were determined to break a world record and earn their claim to fame. A man in Biloxi, Mississippi is now famous throughout the town for ringing a bell for 151-hours straight. Jamie Richardson, a Salvation Army worker, didn't sleep for an entire week to break the previous world record of 150-hours. Richardson started collecting donations and ringing his bell early Monday morning outside of his local Walmart and ended early Sunday morning. He received a five minute break every hour to use the bathroom. Richardson's motivation to break the record was due to his past struggles he faced while homeless. It's not stated how much money was raised during his marathon of bell ringing, however it is said that many individuals were extremely generous. 


What is your claim to fame?