Slacker and Steve - Crazy Friend (Audio)

March 7, 2017

Photo: Sokolovsky |

We all have one or maybe you are one... we're talking about that one crazy friend! We found an article with 14 telltale signs that you are the crazy friend in your group. Here they are-


1. People tell you you’re being loud

2. You’re almost never the “mom” when you go out drinking

3. You’re the entertainment

4. Some people can’t handle you

5. You don’t have a filter

6. Of course, you *insert crazy thing you did*

7. People ask if you’re okay when you’re not talking

8. You just need to dance

9. Half of your go-to picture poses involve pointing and duck faces

10. “Are you drunk?”

11. You always have a story to tell

12. Your friend’s friends know about you

13. A name was given to your drunken alter ego

14. You’re the star of your friends’ Snapchat stories


After reading that list, are you the crazy friend? What's the craziest story you have about your crazy friend?