Slacker and Steve - Creepy Clowns (Audio)

May 11, 2016

Photo: Lisa F. Young |

Coulrophobia is not something to clown around about! Coulrophobia is the fear of clowns and it’s one of the most common phobias among the population. Clowns have a bad reputation and it’s for a good cause! This clown in Whales, England almost killed a man during a local circus act! Ben Garnham a 37-year-old father was pulled from the crowd to perform a stunt with a clown. No big deal right? Well, let’s just say Garnham is lucky to not be paralyzed! Before the stunt was performed the clown told him to bend over and to push against the back of his legs. A back flip was supposed to occur, however the clown failed at his attempt and landed on the father. Garnham was immediately knocked out cold. People in the audience were horrified after thinking that he was dead. See! Clowns are awful, but the San Diego Airport disagrees, they actually think they are rather calming! The airport will be adding a staff of clowns to the airport in hopes to ease the stress and tension of traveling and being at the airport! The clowns will be performing stunts, walking on stilts, juggling, and singing. What a relief for all the coulrophobia travelers!


Whether you love them or hate them, what happened when you had a crazy clown encounter? 

Slacker and Steve - Creepy Clowns 5/11

There was no more clowning around at this circus, after man was knocked out during a clown stunt gone wrong! Have you ever had a crazy clown encounter?