Slacker and Steve - Damage Doing the Deed (Audio)

March 21, 2017

Photo: Wavebreakmedia Ltd |

A 42-year-old woman from Ohio named Jennifer Hickman was vacationing with her family in Key West, Florida over the weekend. She and her husband were drinking by the pool at their hotel on Sunday, and decided to go back up to their room to have some wild, drunken relations. Then a few minutes later, someone who works at the hotel heard screaming. So they called their room to make sure they were okay. When the husband picked up, it sounded like he was crying, so they called the cops. It turned out that while they were in the middle of getting it on, Jennifer started biting him. And not in a "fun" way. She latched onto his forearm and wouldn't let go.  Ironically, she works as a dental hygienist, so she knows a thing or two about teeth. The husband says she was angry at him because she thought he was just "using" her for relations.  And when the cops got there, she kept saying she wanted to KILL him. She's facing charges for domestic battery.  And in the police report, they actually listed the weapon she used as, quote, "teeth."


What damage have you done doing the deed?