Slacker and Steve - Damage Doing the Deed (Audio)

June 28, 2017

Photo: Pavel Yavnik |

A pregnant England Woman ends up paralyzed after an orgasm during sex caused a brain hemorrhage. 38-year-old Lucinda noticed a sharp pain in her head, above her right eye, right after orgasming. Though she has had these pains after orgasming before, this time it didn’t go away. Lucinda Allen, from England, is now in a wheelchair after being paralyzed down the left-hand side of her body after a headache during sex left her in unbearable pain. The pregnant 43-year-old was rushed to the hospital and put into a coma. Six days later she woke up from the coma, to learn that her baby was unharmed and three months later gave birth to baby Marri-Alice in November of 2012. She hopes that one day stem cell therapy may allow her to regain movement but for now she just wants to raise awareness of the potential warning signs of headaches during sexual intercourse.


What damage did you cause while doing the deed?