Slacker and Steve - Dating Disasters (Audio)

September 22, 2016

Photo: Antonio Guillem |, eHarmony and Tinder are just some of the options people have to potentially meet the love of their lives and a new study was just conducted that might just raise one’s odds to accomplish just that! Successful couples from all over the world took a survey to inform people just how to get to that second date, by sharing what the majority of them did. Here are the six stats that could get you to the altar: 


1.  37% talked online for at least a week before they met.

2.  The most common thing they did on their first date was go to dinner.  Going out for drinks was second, and going for coffee was third.

3.  62% of the men planned the first date.

4.  80% of the men paid for the first date, and 20% split the check . . . which means the men spent at least some money on 100% of the first dates.

5.  Only 29% kissed on the first date.

6.  And most of them ignored the "two-day rule" or "three-day rule."  56% talked or texted right after the date, and 77% planned their second date within 24 hours.


However, today we don’t want to talk about successful dates! We want to talk about disaster dates! What was the worst date that you have ever been on? What happened?