Slacker and Steve - Delivery Drama (Audio)

September 27, 2016

Photo: Stephen Coburn |

These days just about everything can be delivered to anywhere.  Most of us never really give a second thought to what might happen when the delivery actually happens.  Sometimes though, things can get pretty crazy, like when three men tried to rob a delivery driver in Minnesota and got more than they bargained for.  Turns out the driver just happened to be an ex- NFL linebacker who managed to fend off the attack and chase the men. All three men were later arrested.  Or the story of a woman who just wanted to get an order of wings from her local pizza restaurant delivered to her home.  When the order arrived she didn’t find any wings, but she did find stacks of cash equaling thousands of dollars!  For the most part nothing happens when we order delivery, but sometimes people find themselves in a really wacky situation.


What’s the craziest delivery experience you’ve ever had?