Slacker and Steve - Dentist (Audio)

October 24, 2016

Photo: Yobro10 |

It seems like many of us are really scared of going to the dentist, well it turns out that the reason we are may be genetic. Researchers have discovered that some of the genes that you inherit from your parents that influence fear of pain may also be linked to a fear of dental related care. With everything that can go wrong it’s no wonder we have reservations about going. Like the man in Illinois who won a lawsuit against his dentist after she misplaced one of her tools, which it turned out had fallen down the man’s throat and became lodged in his stomach. Then there’s the story of the teenager who got her teeth whitened, but days later discovered that her teeth were falling out. The reasons may be scientific, but with everything that could happen we don’t really need science to tell us why were scared.  


What’s the craziest thing that happened to you at the dentist?