Slacker and Steve - Dirty Divorce (Audio)

April 10, 2017

Photo: Petarneychev |

Divorce is a dirty, dirty game. Two people that once loved each other and vowed to spend the rest of their lives together become bitter, evil people trying to rip the soul out of each other. Point is, it’s never fun but, eventually there are stories to be told. Sometimes everything works out for the better and the two parties can still pull through for their kids like this couple. Victoria Baldwin and Adam Dyson got divorced over two years ago, and it got pretty ugly at one point. Thankfully, they both recognized what their REAL priority needed to be. The couple remained friends and although living on opposite sides of North America still get together once a year to take a family picture with their son. If you have any divorce stories that ended up bad ... or good! We want to hear from you!


Do you have any crazy divorce stories?