Slacker and Steve - Dog House (Audio)

January 24, 2017

Photo: Tatyana Gladskikh |

A recent Reddit post asked users, "What’s the pettiest thing you’ve ever done to a significant other, ex or current?" Some of the top answers were:
1. I displaced everything in his bathroom and hid it all over his house. For example, I put the shower curtains underneath his mattress, his plunger in his coat closet. And then I hid all of the products in his medicine cabinet (mouthwash, cologne, medicine, etc.). I also screwed off the lids and caps of the aforementioned products and hid them separately.
2. My boyfriend absolutely hates onions. Sometimes when he pisses me off, I go out of my way to add onions to whatever it is we're having. Sometimes he catches them before he eats them but then there are times when he doesn't. haha! I love onions so whatever.
3. I submitted my first exbf to the Darwin Awards for something stupid he did in high school. It was accepted. I have the book.
4. Old school petty? Sign them up for Columbia Records. ALL of them. Every time they move too. For years. That's petty
5. When me and my ex would fight, I wouldn't say "Bless you" when he sneezed around me. Just silence.

Every couple fights over dumb things. What stupid thing did you fight about with your significant other and what did you do to put them in the dog house?