Slacker and Steve - Dream That Came True (Audio)

May 16, 2016

Photo: Rui G. Santos |

They just may be the eight luckiest people in New Jersey. The Smith family — 70-year-old matriarch, Perlie Smith, and her seven children — were identified Friday as the winners of the $429.6 million Powerball jackpot. Oldest daughter Valerie Arthur, a recently retired prison administrator, said the winning numbers came to them "in a dream." "We had divine intervention," she said. "That's the only way you can explain how the numbers were chosen. It was through a dream." Arthur said it was "big shock" when they found out they won and an even bigger shock when they realized they were the only winners. She said they are planning to use the money to pay off mortgages and student loans — and do some good in their communities. They are also bracing for phone calls from people they have not heard from in years now that they've been outed. "In about an hour, everybody is going to come out of the woodwork," she said. "I know everybody in the Department of Corrections will be calling me." This was the 6th largest haul in the Powerball's history. The winning ticket was purchased Saturday at a 7-Eleven in Trenton, New Jersey, lottery chief Carole Hedinger said earlier. Store owner Andrea Shin said on Wednesday, when she collected $30,000 for selling the prize-wining ticket, that she suspects the winner is one of her regular customers. "It's great for the Trenton community to have something positive going on, " she said. "Everybody is excited for the winner."

Charlie Sheen went public with his health crisis in November, revealing he has been battling HIV for four years and has spent millions trying to keep it a secret. Charlie has now revealed he had a spooky dream at the age of 28 in which he 'predicted' he would be diagnosed with the virus. The actor makes the admission in a TV interview with Dr Mehmet Oz, which is due to air in the US next week telling the TV doctor, "(In the dream), I had a sign around my neck that said, 'AIDS'." During the TV appearance, Charlie shares his new health and fitness regime with Oz, and opens up about his new-found love of jogging and yoga, according to New York Post gossip column Page Six. Charlie recently spoke out about his hope to make HIV and AIDS medication more affordable because so many sufferers in the U.S. struggle to find the money to pay for their treatment. "I have to take three pills each day. The total cost is about $4,000 a month," he told "I know that's prohibitive to a lot of people's economic scenarios. Perhaps in my research, and in my journey, we can help develop ways that make it affordable for all."

Have you ever had a dream that came true?