Slacker and Steve - Driver's Ed Disasters (Audio)

April 21, 2016

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A student from the UK has passed his driving test at the first attempt, despite hitting a deer during the exam. Tom Lo, 17, was about 10 minutes into the test when the animal ran across a road right in front of his car. "I was picking up speed because it was a 60mph zone and all of a sudden I see a deer in front of me. So I hit my brake but unfortunately the deer was killed," he says. "I pulled over after the incident and my driving instructor had a look at the car and checked the deer. "He said there was nothing we could do and that it wasn't my fault, so I was told to continue my test." Amazingly, Tom passed the driving test with two minor faults. He's told Newsbeat he was shocked after the accident but managed to hold it together for the rest of the exam.


What was your Drivers Ed disaster? 

Slacker and Steve - Driver's Ed Disasters 4/21

One kid passed his driver’s test on the very first try, despite hitting a deer. What was your Driver’s Ed disaster?