Slacker and Steve - Dumb Reason You Went to Jail (Audio)

April 22, 2016

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A McDonald's customer in Arkansas accused of emptying his cup of water and filling it with soda now faces a robbery charge, police said Tuesday. The restaurant manager said the suspect was one of three people who asked for water at the drive-thru window in Springdale. The customers parked and walked into the store before dumping out the water and pouring soda into the cups. The manager spotted the three and told them to return the soda. Only 18-year-old Cody Morris refused, police say. The manager even ran out and tried to block Morris' car from leaving, but the suspect reportedly drove his vehicle in reverse and hit the worker twice before speeding away. Police arrested the driver after they said they found his car at a nearby bowling alley. It's unclear whether he'll face any additional charges aside from felony robbery.


A Florida couple was being held without bond after allegedly attacking each other with tweezers Saturday morning. Sheriff’s deputies were called at about 10:30 a.m. Saturday to where Ian Michael Harvey, 35, and Janet Driggers, 33, had been involved in an altercation, according to a pair of arrest reports. Harvey had wanted to end their relationship, the reports indicated. Both Harvey and Driggers had suffered lacerations due to the aggressive use of tweezers. Both were arrested on felony charges of battery. Both Harvey and Driggers have previous battery convictions. Harvey was also arrested for violating his probation on a charge of possession of marijuana.


Police say a central Pennsylvania man who locked himself out of his house wound up locked up in jail once emergency responders realized he had unpaid court fines, reports the AP. The Altoona Mirror reports that after apparently misplacing his keys, 35-year-old Jeffrey Jones climbed onto the roof Sunday night while trying to get into his house through a window, but he had to call 911 when he got stuck. Altoona police say that's when they discovered Jones was wanted by the Blair County Sheriff's Office for failing to pay about $750 in court costs and fines. Court records show that Jones, who wasn't charged in connection with the roof climb, owes money in two active miscellaneous contempt cases. 


What was a dumb reason you went to jail?

Slacker and Steve - Dumb Reason You Went to Jail 4/22

Putting soda in a water cup at a fast food restaurant seems like a dumb way to get arrested, but we bet you can top that! When have you been jailed for something really dumb?