Slacker and Steve - Dumpster Divers (Audio)

April 25, 2016

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Waste workers in Massachusetts helped a woman find her diamond jewelry that she accidentally threw away. After cleaning her 3.1 carat engagement ring, a 1.75 carat diamond pendant and her grandmother’s diamond ring for a wedding, she wrapped them in paper towels and placed them on the counter. When she heard the garbage truck, she quickly threw the towels away and took out the trash. A transportation supervisor made arrangements to bring the trash to a specific station where the woman and her husband searched the trash with a load operator until the jewelry was found.


A couple in Clarkson Valley, MO lost two wedding rings… in 8 tons of trash. One of the rings had a 12 and a half carat diamond. It started in the family kitchen. The husband was cleaning up around the sink and Monday morning a truck picked up the garbage. Turns out, the rings got accidentally tossed into the garbage. After the garbage was picked up, the rings were mixed in with the trash of more than 900 customers. The couple made some phone calls and got the truck diverted to a transfer station and the dig was on. After digging through rotted food and dirty diapers, a guy from the waste company ended up finding the rings.


Sarah Jessica Parker is the kind of person who has her home décor fawned over by Architectural Digest. But she’s still not above picking through garbage for a great interior design piece. On Friday night, the glamorous star of screens big and small spotted a vintage cast-iron-and-enamel sink that had been tossed on the West Village sidewalk with some trash bags. Apparently, Parker was smitten and — with the help of a friend — picked up the heavy piece of plumbing. They valiantly struggled along with it until they were able to hail a taxi so that they could transport the treasure home.


“They’re just good cups to drink out of, really,” 13-year-old Joshua Wilson said. For some patrons, there is no collectable more important than the Masters cup. “I have a couple of buddies of mine who drink a lot of beer and some diet cokes and sweet tea. You save the cups and take them home for the cheap souvenirs,” Bo Loeffer said. And many of those who collect the cups have been doing so for years. “All the way back to 1996,” Loeffer said.“Well, it’s a privilege. It’s kind of like bragging rights,” Matt Gilstrap said. But some collectors take the sport of cup collecting to a different level. “We do a little bit of a competition with the family, see who can get the most,” Justin Wilson said. And there’s a strategy to collecting the most cups — it’s called dumpster diving. “If you find some on top of the trash cans, we may grab one and rinse it out and take it home,” Loeffer said. “We just look in the trash cans and just grab them,” Joshua Wilson said. “The hard part is when they’re at the bottom, you try not to fall in. It’s a skill. It’s a skill. You got to have good core balance,” Mauren Wright said.It’s a sport that more people seem to be getting into, but it’s not for everyone.“I have seen more people doing it. Before, everybody would shy away and they were embarrassed, and now I’m seeing even a lot of guys doing it,” Wright said. “I have not. That’s disturbing news,” Gilstrap laughed.


Slacker said that he has never really dug into a dumpster, but he has been in them. Slacker said that he knows there has to be a sentimental bone in Steve's body because he buys toys on Ebay from his childhood. Slacker said that he could find his own trash in 9 tons of other peoples trash because he knows the snacks he eats. Slacker said that Steve is drinking spit water, that there is no such thing as clean water any more. Slacker said that apparently professors are diving at the CERN collider getting electronic equipment and power tools, but that if they come out glowing he is not letting them into his house.


Steve said that a diamond is insured and that there's no need to go rooting through a dumpster to find it. Steve said that these people held up the entire trash process to find their bunch of rocks. Steve said that Sarah Jessica Parker was seen diving for a vintage cast iron sink. Steve said that vintage iron sinks are pretty cool but 50 years of nasty spit would turn him off.


When have you gone dumpster diving?

Slacker and Steve - Dumpster Diver 4/25

Maybe it was something that caught your eye or perhaps it was something valuable you accidentally threw away, if you have ever found yourself knee-deep in trash, we want to know why! What's been your reason for dumpster diving?