Slacker and Steve - Easy Things You Suck At (Audio)

December 1, 2016

Photo: Ocusfocus |

Everyday tasks, such as making an omelet or folding clothes come easy to some, but to others these simple tasks go horrible wrong! Today we want to hear what easy tasks you suck at! Here are some examples from people on Reddit. Can you relate to any of these?

1. “Drinking any liquid in seems like 30% of the time I choke on the first sip and start coughing like an idiot and I can't stop.”

2. “I have difficulty with right and left. To this day, I get nervous when I give driving directions. I have to clench my right (dominant) hand to remind myself.”

3. “Tying my shoes. I could never do it the 1 bunny ear way so I settled for the lesser 2 bunny ear method. Now I just leave my shoes tied and slip them on and off. I tie my shoes about 10 times a year max.”

4. “Well...21 years old and I can't whistle....”

5. “I can't close lids. Like, screw on lids of any kind. I can't do it. I always get the threads crossed and have to try like 4 times to close anything with a lid.”


What easy thing do you suck at?