Slacker and Steve - Family Fisticuffs (Audio)

May 31, 2016

Photo: Y0jik |

Every family fights and it’s completely normal, but how you fight and what you fight over can set you apart from the other families on the block. A mother in West Virginia was arrested after she attacked her 15-year-old son over a burrito and not just any burrito, a Taco Bell burrito. 48-year-old Loretta Lynn Armstrong was disappointed after her receiving her meal with the wrong toppings. According to the police report, Armstrong is six-feet tall and weighs in at 240-pounds and can definitely pack a punch. Neighbors called the police on the mother and she is now in custody. A man in Pennsylvania attacked his stepfather with a taser and a box cutter after their argument went south. The victim was tased three or four times and was also stabbed in the back by the box cutter. 


What happened when your family feud got out of control?