Slacker and Steve - Fast Food Follies (Audio)

June 7, 2017

Photo: Jason Stitt |

Valerie Anne Shepherd, 21, of Iowa has been arrested after a video of her attacking a McDonald’s employee over a chicken sandwich recently went viral. Iowa woman was charged with assault causing injury and disorderly conduct. Des Moines resident Amanda Gravely recorded the very popular online video while she was in the drive-thru line. The video shows the young woman yelling profanity over a chicken sandwich order that took too long. Gravely says the McDonald’s was very packed and you could tell they were short staffed. When Iowa woman was handed her food, she chucked the back at the store manager’s face, while screaming the F-word multiple times. Next, reaching over the counter, punching the manager in the head multiple times. The fight was separated by other McDonald’s employees and the Iowa woman’s friends, they fled the scene before the police arrived.


What's your fast food folly?