Slacker and Steve - Fell Asleep (Audio)

October 25, 2016

Photo: Helder Almeida |

There’s nothing better than lying down and getting some sleep. For most of us we sleep in our beds or maybe catch a nap on the couch or a nice recliner. Other people simply can’t stay awake and have to fall asleep wherever they are. One man had a minute long burnout after he was unable to stay awake behind the wheel. Or, the story of a woman in Kentucky who decided it would be a good idea to fall asleep in a nice comfy dumpster, only to be jarred awake when the garbage truck emptied the dumpster in to the compactor. If you can’t manage to stay awake always to try and find a safe place to fall asleep to avoid serious injury.


What’s the craziest place you’ve fallen asleep?