Slacker and Steve - Firework Follies (Audio)

June 29, 2016

Photo: Steve Apps |

Oooohh. Aaaahh. It’s that time of year again where people flock to see firework displays and even light some off themselves. Some people get a little too brave when it comes to ‘stunts’ and fireworks and this guy in Florida is lucky he didn’t lose a limb or even his life. The man in Florida created a homemade firework and decided he wanted to launch it, but not just off on any surface. He thought his bare chest would be a great launching pad. A video captured the stunt and his plan appeared to have been successful, but even though the firework rocket launched into the air his chest hair and skin went up in smoke. Thankfully, the prankster was near a pool, because it extinguished the fire and probably saved his life. Firework follies do happen, but make sure they don’t happen to you! Be smart when it comes to lighting up explosives. 


Whether you lit something on fire or lost a limb, what happened when you had a major firework mishap?