Slacker and Steve - Flight Follies (Audio)

May 11, 2016

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If you drive you have experienced this little thing called road rage, but if you’ve ever taken a flight on a plane have you ever experienced air rage? Well it’s a thing, and it’s been proven through a scientific study. Some examples of air rage are yelling at a flight attendant, fighting with another passenger, or not listening to instructions. Researchers say you are twice as likely to have air rage if you have to walk through first class. The theory behind that is, quote, "When people from higher social class backgrounds are more aware of their higher status, they're more likely to be antisocial, to have entitled attitudes, and to be less compassionate.” An Oregon female passenger on an Alaskan Airlines flight was feeling frisky after coming home from Las Vegas. The 26-year-old molested the woman sitting next to her. Once the flight landed in Portland, she was arrested and charged with sex abuse. 


What happened when your flight turned into a major fail? 

Slacker and Steve - Flight Follies 5/11

A female passenger on an airline leaving Vegas ended up in handcuffs and not the pink furry ones either. She was taken into custody for molesting another female mid-flight! What happened when your flight turned into a major fail?