Slacker and Steve - Found in House (Audio)

January 3, 2017

Photo: Mark Hryciw |

Houses can tell some interesting tales, especially when items or even people get left behind. A homebuyer in Detroit was interested in a particular house and decided to go view the location. As he was looking at the garage, he found something that was certainly horrifying. The potential homebuyer found a dead body in the backseat of the car in the garage. Police and medical examiners investigated the situation and after their findings they concluded that the body was mummified, but have yet to find a reason for the cause of death. They suspect the body had been in the garage for years. The family who was renting the house, before it hit the market, explained that the landlord instructed them not to go into the garage. They did as the landlord told and never went in there. The police are still investigating the situation further.

What bizarre thing did you find in your house?