Slacker and Steve - GMD: Big Engagement Ring (Audio)

April 13, 2017

Photo: Colicaranica |

Today’s Great Mate Debate is from Kara and Aaron. They need you to pick a side to end their debate! Aaron and Kara are engaged. When Aaron proposed, he gave Kara a 2-carat diamond engagement ring. While she accepted it at the time, she feels like it is way too big and she wants to trade down to a smaller ring before the wedding. Aaron works in investments and deals with a lot of high profile clients and says his wife having a nice ring is a status symbol and a sign of his success. If they go out to dinner with a client and the client sees his wife doesn’t have a nice ring, they are going to think less of him and it could cost Aaron and Kara their livelihood. He wants to make sure Kara is taken care of for the rest of their lives and dressing nicely and having nice jewelry plays into that. He is unwilling to bend and wants Kara to keep the ring he proposed with. Kara says she is the one that is going to be wearing the ring and she wants something smaller and more practical. Some friends have suggested that maybe she get a smaller ring for everyday use and keep the big ring for nice occasions. She doesn’t want to do that though. She wants the ring she gets married with to be the ring she wears every day. 


Should Kara keep the ring she has or trade down to something smaller?