Slacker and Steve - GMD: Cancel Christmas (Audio)

December 1, 2016

Photo: Wavebreakmediamicro |

Today’s Great Mate Debate couple is from Annie and Paul. They need your help to pick a side and bring their disagreement to an end. Christmas is right around the corner and Paul and Annie’s children are certainly on Santa’s naughty list. Their 12-year-old daughter is failing school, lying and has even been caught trying to sneak out of the house. Their 7-year-old son is not much better. He has been talking back to his parents and even slapped Annie in the face after she wouldn’t let him hang out with his friends. Paul thinks he found a solution to end their bad behavior. He wants to cancel Christmas this year and he wants their children to write letters to Santa and explain to them why they cannot receive any presents this year. Paul says they have tried many different things to curve their behavior, but now he believes that tough love is the only answer. Annie disagrees. She believes that Christmas is a time where families come together and it has always been a special holiday for them. She thinks that if Christmas is canceled then their children will be scarred for life and cause them to act out even more. Annie wants to teach them a lesson by grounding them in other ways, such as, taking away television and video game time. 


Whose side are you on? Should Christmas be used to teach lessons to naughty children?