Slacker and Steve - GMD - Chloe Isn't the Only One Upset with Mitch's Actions This Past Week 2/21 (Audio)

February 21, 2019

© Anetlanda

Remember everything that went down with Mitch, Chloe and Lauren? Well, Mitch and Lauren’s friends are on the phone with us. Alex and Audrey have been married for 2 years. Mitch is one of Alex’s best friends and Chloe is Audrey’s best friend. Chloe was in Audrey/Alex’s wedding and that’s where she met Mitch. Audrey wants Alex to stop being friends with Mitch and show support with Chloe since she was really hurt by Mitch. Alex doesn’t think he should be punished for what happened and doesn’t want to give up an important friendship. Should Alex’s friendship with Mitch continue or should they end it?