Slacker and Steve - GMD - The Day Is Supposed to be About Them, but Her Man of Honor Might Drag Attention Away from Them 6/20 (Audio)

June 20, 2019

tanialerro / Getty Images Plus

Vanessa and Will are getting married. Vanessa decided that her best friend, Luke, will be her Man of Honor. Will is perfectly fine with that, but not if Luke does what he wants to do. Luke does drag, and wants to be in full drag for the wedding. Vanessa doesn’t mind, and doesn’t care what he looks like for the wedding. She just wants her best friend to be right by her side for this special moment. The wedding is in a more conservative place, and Will doesn’t want this to be a big surprise or distraction. It's not that Will doesn't "approve" Luke doing drag. He has gone to many of Luke's shows and supports him. The day is supposed to be about Vanessa and Will, but Luke will be taking away the attention. Whose side are you on? Vanessa's or Will's?