Slacker and Steve - GMD: Fighting for Inheritance (Audio)

September 15, 2016

Photo: Tupungato |

Today’s Great Mate Debate is from Joe and Mark and they need your help finding a solution to their dilemma. Joe and Mark are brothers, and five months ago their father passed away from lung cancer. It wasn’t until his funeral that Mark realized that his father took him off the will and gave everything to his brother. Now Mark is confused, and though Joe was unaware of his father’s actions, he has some reasons as to why their father would make that decision. One of Joe’s theories is that because he was his father’s caretaker, which was a hard and tasking job to do and Mark did not contribute to helping his father, that that could possibly be a reason why he changed the will. In Mark’s defense, he lived out of state with his wife and two children. He moved away five years previously for an opportunity for work. Mark feels as if he is being punished, because he started a life and chose not to stay in his hometown like his brother who has never accomplished anything. Another theory Joe has involves how Mark appears. He appears as if he is doing fine financially, while he has yet to establish a life. Mark confesses that he is in fact not that well to do and could use the money, in fact, he wants half of the inheritance. Joe doesn’t mind helping him out, but he also wants to put that “small” inheritance towards a down payment on a house. 


Does Mark deserve half of the inheritance? Whose side are you on?