Slacker and Steve - GMD: Homeschooling Son (Audio)

April 6, 2017

Photo: Canettistock |

Today’s Great Mate Debate is from Maria and Andrew They have a son in 5th grade named Brayden who hasn’t been doing well with his grades and they found out it’s because Brayden has been getting bullied at school. They went to the school and the school said they would keep an eye on it but nothing has changed. Maria is very concerned and wants to pull Brayden out of school and home-school him. She says this is the kind of thing that drives kids to depression, or even suicide, and she has to protect her baby. Andrew wants his son to face his problems and learn how to deal with them. He says that if Maria pulls Brayden out of school, she is teaching him to run from his problems. He also says that everyone knows how home-schooled kids are always a little weird and he doesn’t want his son to be the weird one. 

Should Maria and Andrew pull their son out of school to home-school him?