Slacker and Steve - GMD: Kids in the Wedding (Audio)

June 22, 2017

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Today’s Great Mate Debate is from Dan and Adriana and they need your help to pick a side and end their debate! Dan and Adriana are divorced with two kids, Maya (age 5) and Owen (age 3). They got divorced after Dan was caught cheating with a woman he works with, Sarah. It’s been almost a year and Dan and Sarah are engaged and getting married in the fall.


Dan says he was "blindsided" by Sarah and "just fell in love”. He has asked Maya to be the flower girl in their wedding and Owen to be the ring bearer, and they both said they wanted to. He says Sarah is great with the kids and treats them like her own. Sarah will be a part of their life when they are married, and he wants them to be a part of the wedding. He loves his kids and can’t stand the thought of them not being a part of such a special day.


Adriana says there is no way in hell her kids are going to be in a wedding between her ex-husband and the woman he cheated with. She says it’s teaching terrible morals to her kids and she wants them to know what their dad did is wrong. She doesn’t want her children to grow up thinking it’s okay to cheat and tear families apart. She says the only reason Dan wants the kids in the wedding is so they don’t think he and Sarah are the bad guys…when they really are. To her, the kids basically agreed to play dress up and have no idea what they’re saying yes to.


Does Sarah have a say in the situation? Should the kids be in the wedding?