Slacker and Steve - GMD: Live or Save (Audio)

June 1, 2017

Photo: Dundja |

Mike and Jessica are engaged. Mike’s grandfather recently passed away and it has changed his perspective on life. Mike’s grandpa was the kind of guy that woke up every morning at the same time, worked the same job for nearly 40 years, and never really did anything else. After paying his bills, he always put every extra dollar into savings and never touched it. Mike is suddenly realizing he doesn’t want to live his life the way his grandpa did. He wants to get out and explore the world awhile they are young. He wants to live their life to the fullest now and get the most out of every day. He wants to travel and eat good food and drink good wine. He is realizing that saving money is not a good idea if you never get to enjoy yourself. Plus, he’s probably going to get a pretty big inheritance check from his parents that he and Jessica can use for retirement.

Jessica is more like Mike’s grandpa and is a saver. She was the girl that actually put every dollar she got in birthday cards into the bank and used it to help buy a car and pay for college. She thinks the most important thing is putting away money and planning for the future. She says that they need to be smart now and save their money so they can retire early. She would feel more secure knowing they are putting money in the bank now and not relying on getting a check when Mike’s parents pass away. 

What’s more important? Saving for retirement? Or living life to the fullest now?