Slacker and Steve - GMD: Lying to a Parent (Audio)

May 11, 2017

Photo: Godfer |

Carrie and Bobby are married and have a 5-year-old daughter, Makayla. Carrie was at home the other day and a car repair shop called the house about their recent visit and wanted to conduct a customer service survey. Carrie told the caller that they hadn’t had any issues with the car recently and they must be making a mistake. Makayla overheard the call and after it was over said, “They probably meant to call Daddy.” Carrie asked her why and Makayla told her it was a secret and Daddy told her not to tell. Carrie dug a little deeper and discovered Bobby was in a fender bender with Makayla in the car. Carrie was out of town at the time and he took the car to get fixed and told Makayla to keep it a secret and not tell Mommy.


Carrie is mad that Bobby would intentionally have their daughter keep a secret from her. She says it teaches Makayla that it is okay to lie to her. She also thinks it makes her out to be the bad guy and creates division in the family. She says Bobby should have done the responsible thing and been honest about the situation from the start.
Bobby says he kept the fender bender a secret from Carrie because he knew she would overreact—especially since Makayla was in the car when it happened. She already acts like he’s the worst driver ever and it would have been non-stop pestering every time Makayla had to ride anywhere with him. It was a minor accident and he got the car fixed right away. No harm, no foul. He didn’t ask Makayla to lie about the accident, he simply asked her not to say anything—and there’s a difference between lying and just not saying anything.


Whose side are you on?