Slacker and Steve - GMD: Moving Mom In (Audio)

July 13, 2017

Photo: Giuliofornasar |

Rob and Diane are married and have two young children. Rob’s mother, Janet, is an alcoholic and is about to finish up a stint in rehab. She has nothing and nowhere to go and Rob wants to let his mom stay with them when she is done. Rob says his mom provided for him and made him into the man he is. He wants to make sure she is cared for and doesn’t end up on the street. He knows she’s made some bad choices and has done some bad things to their family, but she is still his mom. He says she has made an effort to clean up her life and he will support her as long as she is healthy. He says the minute she drinks, she is gone. Diane doesn’t want Rob’s mom to stay at their house. She says she is a bad person and they have already given her multiple opportunities to prove herself and she’s always let them down. Diane doesn’t want her living with the kids. She’s not going to take the grandchildren away from her, but Diane doesn’t want her around full-time. She also doesn’t want to have to adjust her life for Rob’s mom. She likes to come home on a Friday night and unwind by having a few glasses of wine. Will she be able to do that if Rob’s mom is with them? Why should they keep giving her so many chances to prove herself?


Should they let Rob’s mom move in?