Slacker and Steve - GMD: Nephew’s Summer Vacation (Audio)

June 9, 2016

Photo: Andres Rodriguez |

Theresa and Brian have been dating for two years and they just moved in together. She says everything is going great but, they can’t seem to get past one thing. Theresa has a family tradition with her nephew in which he will come and stay with her. Brian has met her 11-year-old nephew and thinks he is a brat and it purposely mean and spiteful. He wants to end the family tradition now. Theresa says that her nephew has had a rough childhood and she doesn’t want to abandon him or the tradition. Brian says that the tradition was fine when they weren’t living together because he didn’t have to deal with her nephew constantly and it wasn’t his space. Now that they live together, he has half of the space, and feels justified for his reasons on ending the tradition. Theresa understands where Brian is coming from, but she wishes he would have told her how big the situation was with her nephew. She doesn’t want to choose between her nephew and her boyfriend. They need a solution and a compromise. 


Who do you agree with? Whose side are you on?