SLacker and Steve - GMD: The Old, Sick Dog (Audio)

August 4, 2016

Photo: Adam121 |

Anyone who has owned a pet and has had to put that pet to sleep knows exactly how hard the situation can be. Denial and sadness can consume pet owners and even delay taking their pets to their final veterinarian appointment. Our Great Mate Debate couple is going through that exact situation. Brian and Kim have an 11-year-old dog named, Brady. Due to his age, Brady has lost control of his bowels, is unable to hold the majority of his food down and he suffers from arthritis. Brian and Kim have spent a good amount of money, that they did not have the means to spend, just to improve Brady’s health. The treatments only dulled Brady’s pain, but did not improve his overall health. Brian wants to continue to fight for his beloved dog life and is willing to spend 250-dollars a month to do so. He got Brady pre-marriage and thinks he has the overall decision when it comes down to either keeping Brady alive or putting him down. Kim says, that because of Brady’s work schedule he never has to deal with the “sick” side of Brady. She spends a good majority of her day cleaning up after him. Kim believes that a good quality of life is not present in Brady and thinks it is time to take away his suffering. 


How do you know when it is time to put your pet down? Whose side are you on?