Slacker and Steve - GMD: Popular Because of Clothes (Audio)

July 20, 2017

Photo: Syda Productions |

Jonathan and Rose are married and have a daughter, Lilly, that is getting ready to start middle school. Lilly is a little overweight and has been made fun of. Jonathan and Rose don’t have a lot of money, but Rose wants splurge to get Lilly some cool, name brand clothes for school. She says that Lilly already has it hard enough and her husband doesn’t understand how mean middle school girls can be. She says having the right clothes can really change their daughter’s status in school and help with her popularity. Jonathan says they maybe have $300 to spend on school clothes and getting name brand stuff is not important. He says that the point of going to school is to get an education, not be a fashion model. Writing on a t-shirt isn’t going to change Lilly’s life and she is going to have to learn to deal with mean people.


Will having name brand clothes make Lilly’s life easier?