Slacker and Steve - GMD: Ready To Move (Audio)

July 14, 2016

Photo: Wavebreakmedia Ltd |

Samantha made a huge sacrifice for her husband Nathan. She moved from Pennsylvania where her family and friends were to Colorado so Nathan could pursue a job opportunity. She gave Nathan a five year time trial and if she wasn’t happy within that time period, they had an agreement that they would move back. Nathan’s job has not advanced and he is in the same position as he was five years ago. He doesn’t want to move and he thinks that he if they did move he would lose everything that he worked for. Nathan says that he needs more time to advance his position. He knows that Samantha misses her family and friends, but he says that is what FaceTime is for! 


Who do you side with? Do you think that they should move to make Samantha happy or stay to see if Nathan’s job advances somewhere in the near future?