Slacker and Steve - GMD: Sister Helper (Audio)

March 2, 2017

Photo: Inara Prusakova |

Today’s Great Mate Debate is from Trish and Kyle. They are married and have a son that is 14. Trish has been in a job that she hates and has been seriously considering quitting for months. Both Kyle and Trish agreed it was okay for her to quit her job. Trish’s younger sister, Vanessa, is pregnant with her first child and is due in 6 weeks. Vanessa is single and doesn’t have anyone around to help her with the baby, so Trish wants to quit her job and go help her sister with the baby for at least 3 months. She remembers how hard it was to have a new baby, and she had Kyle to help her. Kyle says it’s completely crazy that she’s even thinking of leaving him and their son for that long. He works a full time job and depends on Trish for a lot and doesn’t know how they will survive without her. Trish says it’s time for the boys in her life to grow up a little and take some responsibility.


Should Trish leave her family to help her sister?