Slacker and Steve - GMD: Using the Kid as a Weapon (Audio)

April 21, 2016

Photo: Dreamstime

Beth and Darren have been divorced for less than a year. They have a 7 year old named Luke. She signed him up for extra-curricular activities on nights when Darren would have Luke. Darren feels like he could be signed up other nights of the week, so he could have more time with Luke. Darren left Beth and he feels like she is getting back at him. Beth is saying Luke asked to do these things and told Darren to ask him. Darren is saying he doesn’t see him often enough to ask him. He thinks there are other activities he could be involved in, or at least other nights of the week. He doesn’t believe his son asked to take Spanish. He does stuff with him and wants to teach him every sport he wants to play because he is his father. Darren says it was never discussed with him that Beth was signing their son up for activities, that it was just an all of the sudden thing. She is saying she would never use her child to get back at him. She would be sad if Luke was doing those things on nights she has him but she wants him to do what he wants. Darren does get some time but he thinks they could work something out.


Whose side are you on? 

Slacker and Steve - GMD: Using the Kid as a Weapon 4/21

Darren and Beth are divorced with a little boy. Darren feels like Beth is using their kid to get back at him. He feels like he doesn’t get much time with the kid especially now that Beth enrolled him in soccer on one of his nights with their son. Beth thinks Darren is being delusional and that she isn’t using their son to get back at Darren. Whose side are you on?