Slacker and Steve - Going to Hell (Audio)

July 25, 2016

Photo: Tacettin Ulas |

We’ve all made some decisions that have led us to do some bad things, some things so bad, it deems us hell-worthy. Shareafa Watkins, was struggling to pay her power bill and confided in her local Baptist church. The church graciously decided to help her out and immediately wrote a check to help her out. Soon after, the pastor of the church was checking his books and something didn’t add up. He realized that a huge amount of money was missing. Turns out, Watkins used the account number and routing number on the check to pay all of her other bills, which added up to 20,000-dollars! Her cell phone bill, cable bill, other utilities, auto insurance, and her car payment were all paid with the church’s money. 


Why are you going to hell?